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The first Small Hinges workshop Sept. 12 was a great success, thanks to an awesome group of participants. Watch for information about the next Small Hinges workshop, coming soon.

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Profitability and personal freedoms hinge on the things you do and the decisions you make now. Dave Coyle gave a fast-paced, honest, probing introduction to the solutions and tools he has used to build In The Bag Cleaners into a multi-million dollar company and consultancy.

Who we invited

  • Business owners
  • Corporate executives
  • Top-level managers
  • Chief marketing officers
  • Service companies and corporations under attack from Amazon
  • Service companies at risk for commoditization and price suppression
  • Any CEO or top-level manager who wants to learn to make meaningful connections with their clients

The first Small Hinges workshop was attended by more than 60 business owners and principals from a cross section of service businesses, startups, retail and industry.

What Dave delivered

  • A blueprint of the 15 marketing secrets (small hinges that open big doors) he has used to create ITB, a self-operating and self-growing company
  • The formula for how ITB achieved almost 70% market share in a highly commoditized service industry
  • Steps to consistently achieve 20% profit
  • Help preparing for market downturns—how to accelerate growth when the economy is in decline
  • Tips for proactively managing time, health and money so participants can enjoy personal freedoms and focus on the people and purpose in their lives
  • Takeaways! Tools he has used or developed for remarkable results

Our Sept. 12 workshop participants got tremendous value in one power-packed day of discovery! Here's what we heard:
“The Small Hinges by Dave Coyle Workshop was a goldmine for business leaders like me. Dave’s urgency to share his experiences and blueprint for success is absolutely contagious. The Small Hinges presentation and materials were first-rate and I’m anxious to implement several ideas I took away from this fantastic day!”

Guest Speaker

Rob Rawlings

In a special “fireside chat” with Dave, stroke survivor Rob Rawlings shared his spectacular story of surviving and thriving after a major stroke. His resiliency and against all odds attitude filled participants with hope and helped them think about what is truly important in life.

About Dave Coyle

Dave Coyle owns In The Bag Cleaners, a drycleaning enterprise with 14 locations in the Wichita, Kansas, metropolitan area. Since 2000, Coyle has grown ITB marketshare to almost 70 percent. The company does nearly $6 million a year in sales and has created a loyal following of more than 25,000 clients. Coyle motivates his entire team to offer the highest level of quality, service and experience.

Coyle founded a company called BizNotes in 2019, the result of his deep belief in relationship building. When you connect with clients in meaningful ways, he says, they deepen their engagement with you. When you show sincere appreciation, you win their loyalty, a critical business asset.

About Small Hinges

Consultant and coach Dave Coyle helps businesses identify the key marketing hinges that can lead to exponential growth and profitability. He's passionate about guiding clients and workshop participants through three big doors to high-functioning business enterprises.

Dave's vision for Small Hinges is a multi-level learning opportunity. In addition to high-level and single-topic workshops like starting your own business, he's planning:

  1. Mastermind meetings (best minds, best content, exceptional cross-fertilization of ideas and strategies)
  2. Online courses to keep your management team growing and thriving
  3. Quarterly marketing meetings (meet with Dave one on one or in a team environment for expert value)
  4. Quarterly strategic marketing planning sessions
  5. Strategic audits

“We don't all go to church the same way. We're creating multiple opportunities for good content, and we want you to access it in a way that works for you. With marketing meetings, planning sessions and audits, I'll help you lay my blueprint on top of your business in a way that's easily deployable.”

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